Welcoming Lily!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The countdown is on

We are now almost 48 hours from departing. Lexi and I have been battling all week coughs, fevers and mine turned into a chest infection. Charles has been taking care of us plus he has a huge case in front of a judge tomorrow in Toronto. He's had no rest and is a bit stressed.

We still have to pack our belongings but since we are limited by the amount of luggage we can take our clothes are a low priority. When we return you may see the same clothes in many of our photographs. We plan on taking advantage of the laundry service in the hotel for our items. Lily on the other hand is all packed up. I had to change her clothing sizes as we received word she is up to 22 pounds, that's a five pound increase since October! That is a pretty big one year old. She is also 73 cm tall now.

The forecast in Guangzhou is looking great, 70 F and sunny for most of our time there. Beijing floats between 41 and 28 F.

I hope to be able to post from the hotels but sometimes the access to Google products is down because well, we are in China. If that doesn't work my trusty friend Mark will be emailed the story and he will post to this blog.

We receive Lily Racquel Zi Tao on Monday, January 29 in the afternoon. Wow I can't believe it is really happening. I'm sure the experience will be mind-boggling and awesome.

Thanks to everyone who helped us get to this point.


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