Welcoming Lily!

Friday, January 26, 2007

We are off! Lily bound

Lexi and I are much better - antibiotics worked! We are flight worthy now. Charles finished his case yesterday and believes it went very well. Our coordinator phoned from Hong Kong last night and believes we won't be capable of getting a taxi from the airport to the correct hotel. So she's organizing a car to pick us up. That is fine by me.

So we are packed, Charles is off buying a new car seat right now and we depart for Toronto in a few hours. It's his job to get the car seat installed before we leave, because we'll be so sleep deprived when we return to the Toronto airport that car seat directions will make no sense, although those directions are pretty tough to decipher with an advanced degree as well.

Only two more sleeps for Lily in an orphanage. Yeah.

We look forward to introducing everyone to Lily upon our return.

Zai jian,

Charles, Jill and Alexis


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