Welcoming Lily!

Friday, February 16, 2007

What a week!

Photo descriptions:

1) Eating breakfast today - note the waffle flying in the air. It takes a lot of food to fill her up. Also note that my sister Lexi does my hair in the morning before she goes to school.

2) Sisters before Lexi took off to school today.

3) The next three photos are not staged. Lily helping take laundry out of the washer today. "I do laundry."

4) Lily taking out a cleaning cloth from the washer.

5) Lily then proceeds with the cleaning cloth to wipe the floor. Charles and I were amazed. Where does she come up with this stuff? "I do floors."

Well we've been home almost a week now and everyone has turned their sleep around and recovered from jet lag. I was the last and spent many nights awake between 1-4 am. Lexi had no problems and Charles and Lily had minimal difficulty. Lily is a great sleeper (usually between 10-11 hours per night plus a 2-hour nap during the day). Last night she went to bed at 7:15 am and awoke at 6:15 am. We are really pleased with this, as we are people who need our sleep. Cross your fingers this continues.

Lily got one outing per day this week. She went to school for show and tell in Lexi's class. She loved being with all the kids and Lexi loved having her in the classroom. Lily also went to Charles's office and my old office. She got a trip to Toys R Us to buy another new car seat and a little car of her own. She also visited her family doctor where she checked out great for her health and received 3 shots. Lily really wasn't bothered about the shots, she is tough. Tomorrow she got invited to a birthday party of one of Lexi's classmates. She will get to swim and likes to do that.

Charles was also able to obtain both a health card and social insurance number for Lily this week. This was huge as now she can begin to apply for Canadian citizenship and get a Canadian passport so she can travel outside of Canada.

We've had many calls of congratulations, gifts and lots of flowers (lilies of course). What great friends and family we have.


  • At 1:29 PM, Blogger The Harris Family said…

    Hi Wright Family. Pleased to see life continues to click along. Great to hear Lily is such a great sleeper. I suspect this is this is generated from the amount of action Lily creates when she's awake!

    Mike, Beate, and Megan...


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