Welcoming Lily!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Another photo of Lily Zi Tao

Well everything is moving forward with the adoption of our Lily. We've signed all the papers and she is officially ours now. We know when we travel and when will get her in our arms. Because Lily is in the south of China we will fly into Hong Kong, then onto Guanghzhou in Guangdong province and then to Beijing. We will get to see a lot of the country and will experience lots of different weather so that will pose a packing challenge.

We also are preparing a care package for Lily. We get to send her a few things like a toy, our family photo (just a few things that will fit into the tissue box). Our agency will send the packages in late December to be distributed. My guess is that they may let the children look at the photos or hang the photo in the crib so when we meet we might not seem like strangers.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Introducing Lily Zi Tao

What can we say, we have an amazing social worker who works on Sunday.
Introducing our daughter Lily Zi Tao Wright

Name: Lily Zi Tao (or ZiTao) not sure as it appears both ways in the referral

Date of birth : January 9, 2006

Where: Maoming Maonan District Social Welfare Institute, Guangdong
The location is in south China in a subtropical climate!

Likes: Sun baths (can anyone explain what this is)

Personality: active, restless, fond of listening to music, has a ready smile

We celebrated tonight!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Champagne is cold and ready

Yes, we actually found champagne with our daughter's name on it so we bought lots. When she gets here everyone can partake in the joy.

We know the referrals have arrived to our agency and we are just waiting to hear from the agency some small details, like how old is she, what is her name, what province is she from. We know the larger complete file can not get to us until after it is translated,likely late next week.

We hope to consume our champagne tonight and have a celebration with Chinese food with our family.