Welcoming Lily!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Stork Alert

We are so excited to see who Lily is!!!

Photo of Lily on a jet plane

The CCAA site hadn't changed at 3:30 am this morning but I was pleasantly surprised to see it had by 7:30 am. So here we go, the jet fuel is burning right now as we await the photo of Lily from China to Ottawa. We may see her little face tomorrow (Friday), the rest of the package with all of her information will likely arrive late next week.

I'll post the photo as soon as we get it.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A little rumor queen wire news and my wires are gone

Well no referral or photo yet of our Lily but Rumor Queen is reporting this morning (she's the CNN of the Chinese adoption community )that in her inbox she has 14 people telling her that their agency says referrals have been mailed and 5 people telling her that their agency says referrals have absolutely not been mailed yet.

And the agency that normally gives Stork Alerts (which means that the referrals are on a courier from China)has been silent so far.

Maybe I'll know more tomorrow, sure would like to see her photo before the weekend.

On a brighter note I got my braces off yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy that the new daughter won't have to see me with them on. Last night I had a great party and was served ribs and a no brace-face ice cream cake.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Looks like maybe next week

Rumour Queen is reporting this morning that "a couple more agencies have jumped on the “next week” bandwagon" for referrals to begin arriving.

Who is the Rumour Queen you ask? Well if you visit http://chinaadopttalk.com/ you will see she and her family are awaiting their second child. She seems to be a content aggregator for lots of CCAA (Chinese centre for adoption affairs) and adoption agencies world-wide and has a huge following within the Chinese International Adoption community.

It is a nice (nice what am I saying it is totally addictive and I check it way too many times every day looking for a shred of evidence that this is going to happen) site and she even offers ratings to her rumours. The one I wrote about today she gives a 4R rating. 4R = Rumor that we feel good about. It comes indirectly from a source that is usually right, or it’s coming from multiple sources, but just not quite enough to give it a 5r Designation yet. A 5R is the highest rating a rumour can get.

We are excited we get to meet Lil Miss Diva - Emma http://ourbuddhababy.blogspot.com/
on Sunday at a party. Emma just arrived from China less that a week ago. Can't wait to meet her and see that this process really does work! I'm sure she and Lily will be friends.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

The story, the status

We are in the final stages of adopting our daughter and Lexi's sister Lily from China. We don't yet know Lily's full name or what part of the country she will hail from. This has been a long process as we have been at this for 2 years, 3months and we've still got two months plus a few days to go.

How close are we? Well our file is in what they call the matching room and rumours say we will get our referral or match possibly next week.

We'll use this blog for our family members to follow as we continue this adventure to our Lily.